Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best pillow for me?

Everyone is different and that's why we created VitalREM Alignment Pillow! The questions have been designed with the help of medical professionals to help choose the perfect alignment for YOU. Get started by clicking SHOP YOUR PILLOW above.

What's in the VitalREM Alignment Pillow?

Short answer: only the good stuff! Longer answer: We start with all CertPUR approved materials like open-cell shredded foam and gel fibers for breathability and cooling and wrap those in a hypoallergenic shell that is soft to the touch and has a hint of stretch with Spandex built in.

How do I clean my VitalREM Alignment Pillow?

Easy! We recommend spot cleaning the cover if there is a noticeable stain. Machine washing is not recommended as soaking the pillow will cause the internal support materials to breakdown. If you'd like to freshen and fluff up your pillow, just throw it in the dryer on air fluff or low heat and it will be like new!

Why do I need a new pillow?

Because you deserve it! And your head, neck, and back do too! Medical experts recommend that you replace your pillow at least every one to three years. So it's a good idea to have a fresh pillow! But if you're like millions of others who suffer from head, neck, or back pain, take our questionnaire above (click on SHOP YOUR PILLOW) to find the perfect pillow for you.

Where is the VitalREM Pillow made?

The covers are made in Asia by our fabric company and then shipped to our fill and sew team in Fall River, Massachusetts. Once the special support materials are incorporated into the pillow and the final sewing is done, they wing their way to our shipping department in sunny Florida! It takes a village to make the VitalREM Alignment Pillow!

What size is the VitalREM Alignment Pillow?

Good question because there are more than one! Once you've taken the SHOP YOUR PILLOW questionnaire above, we will recommend the appropriate VitalREM Alignment Pillow for your unique situation. Don't fear though! All VitalREM pillows fit a standard pillowcase!

What if I want a VitalREM Pillow for me...and someone else?

No problem! Once you fill out your own questionnaire at SHOP YOUR PILLOW, just have that special someone answer the questions themselves. Then both unique pillows will be in your shopping cart!